Success stories

When I started "Embrace Your Heart-program" I didn't have such warm feelings for my own heart, let alone "embrace" it.

I was a walking head, "no-body". I had a lot of assumptions and beliefs that I lived by. I didn't know I could change them myself.

 I have had so many "a-ha" moments in the past few months. These insights are new truths for me and I now know that life is a process that gives us a progressive insight. So truths are not absolute but relative! 

I want to keep learning in life. That learning attitude helps me put things into perspective. I now have beliefs that fit me, and I am grateful I could let go of the unconscious beliefs that I brought with me from childhood.

A lot has changed from experiencing Natasha's modules, exercises and conversations with her.

I have come to see myself as a noble created being, and love my essence, I am becoming a better and nicer friend to myself which makes me also nicer to everyone around me.

I feel compassion for myself and every human being. I'm happy in the messy middle of this precious life, voluntarily cooperating with others, feeling equal to each other, and having the awareness that we are mutually dependent on each other!

Thank you Natasha, for your invaluable Online Academy!

Karlijn van Habraken

Teacher, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Lead by the desire to make different choices in my life, I started an introductory consultation with Natasha. Following the "Embrace your heart program" together with several coaching sessions appealed to be the right choice for me right away.

From the beginning, there was a click and trust with Natasha. The coaching process was very nice under her guidance.  

Her wisdom and insight gave me many tools to work with. She is a good listener and she knows how to explain difficult situations that arise in such a way that they become learning moments.

The process of moving out of my head and into my heart has set me much more in my power and within three months I had already handed in my resignation. And my business is blooming :)))

 Grateful to have met Natasha on my path, I eagerly look forward to a future full of room for growth,  allowing myself to take more space and learning to see myself and let be seen.

Esther Vesterink  

Elst, The Netherlands

From a small child to an adult in 6 months.

Thanks to Natasha's coaching, I now know that many of my reactions were based on the wounds that I carried from my childhood. Through conversations with her, I experienced where the pain comes from. And it became clear to me that as a child I didn't get what I needed.

Good to know, but then?

Natasha taught me how to change my behavior and act as an adult. This does not mean that I am always serious.

This means I am being able to set my boundaries, express my desires and opinions, and have appreciation and respect for myself and others.

The coaching with Natasha helped me feel more balanced and happier.

Thanks to her, I am no longer the needy child who is there for everyone with the hope of receiving a spark of love or recognition.

Now I first feel what I want and need and then I act accordingly.

I absolutely recommend Natasha! She is warm, clear, patient and flexible.


Management support and administration Gouda, The Netherlands

Dear Natasha,

I want to thank you for the empathic and guiding coaching you have given me. I went from being tense and feeling blocked, to being able to move through life's processes with confidence and ease.

The coaching took place during a very important transition in my life.  A lot has become clear to me about my behavior, thinking and acting.

At my next steps/phase, you are the one I will definitely ask for help again since I want to gently move through my life processes.

Pim de Jong

Pim de Jong
Huissen, The Netherlands

Natasha is a very special woman and she helped me get back to myself. In an honest, clear and loving way, she knows exactly how to say and touch the good things.

Where necessary, she dares to be tough and always gives you the feeling that you are doing it well. I feel safe with her. I came to Natasha desperately a year ago, stuck in ideas I had, stuck in my relationship. 

Now things have become so clear to me! I shine, and I have been able to free myself from old patterns and convictions. I do what I want and have a loving and joyful relationship with my husband.

 I like the fact that Natasha uses different methods to get things to light and I think she is a very wise woman. 

sophie over natasha martinoska

Sophie Schoch

Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Natasha is a unique coach. Every session is different and tailor-made, which always makes the conversations stimulating, surprising and exciting. She confronts lovingly, she is sharp and coaches both on a practical level and essential themes.

Thanks to the mirrors she has held for me, I grew as a person and as a professional. I started to see and feel more about what makes me unique and how I can contribute.

My relationships have deepened, especially because my relationship with myself has become softer and more encouraging.

Often when I leave after having a conversation, I feel calm, connected to myself and have clarity about the next steps and my direction.

Maike Koolhaas

Trainer and Facilitator with a background in drama therapy.
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Natasha helped me get in contact and helped me bring awareness to things I hardly even thought about before.

 I was feeling quite overwhelmed because I had taken on challenges that felt terrifying.

By helping me get in contact with the root of that fear, in-depth and by helping me soothe my mind and my body, I now feel much more certain about how I need to focus to get the results I want.

 She blew my expectations away and delivered much more than I could have expected. It's obvious to me that she has a great level of skill and accuracy.

 I am grateful to have had the chance to experience her work and I am so happy she got me from feeling overwhelmed, to feeling empowered and strong again.

Thank you, Natasha, Manuel.

Manuel Timane, Stockholm, Sweden

I look back with great fulfillment on working with Natasha in the process of moving forward in my life.

While in the beginning I was mainly angry and blamed others, Natasha taught me to stand on my own feet.

 Everyone has their own share of responsibility in what happens to them, and so do I. Natasha has lovingly helped me to look at my own input and to ensure that I become less dependent on others.

 And where I sometimes had the idea that I lost valuable time in my life, she gave insights to look at this from a different angle.

 She has helped me to develop my love side more and to build up on my own strengths.

 Natasha's approach is very loving, peaceful and she creates a safe and warm environment.

Peter J.  

Operations Manager, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I started a program by Natasha because I kept seeing the same themes recurring in my life. Even though I had already done a lot of personal development myself, I noticed that I needed help. Under the patient, loving and honest guidance of Natasha, I dared to look at deeply hidden child parts, in complete safety. Natasha really sees you and adapts well to the needs and pace of her coachee.

After the process, I am much closer to who I actually am. The masks I wear as survival mechanisms, have faded and I know much better what I do and don't want in life. I am very grateful that Natasha has been part of my journey.

Nadine T. 

Contract Manager, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Personal coaching was a new experience for me. Amidst the chaos of all my responsibilities, it proved to be a crucial and secure anchor, providing a foundation from which I could continue building. Recognizing and acknowledging patterns has granted me the ability to reduce work-related stress and enhance efficiency in planning various tasks.

Through coaching, I have emerged stronger in life, and I face the future with a smile.

Bart -Jan  V.

Operational Executive, Nijkerk, The Netherlands

In our relationship, there was and is great love. But there are times when love needs help to survive. In those moments you forget its importance and then the problems take up most of your life.

We have been together for almost 4 years now, 2 of which we have been married. And in that time we have done a lot. First, we moved in together after dating for 6 months, we transformed our apartment into our dream home, we got married and now we have a beautiful 7-month-old daughter.

We started couples therapy when we found out that Ana was pregnant. We wanted to flow into parenthood in harmony, honesty, and a clean slate. And our situation was far from that. There was mistrust (in general, not because of any specific situation), fear of being honest and hurting each other, we had intimate problems, we couldn't understand each other... And every time we talked, it ended in fighting with tears, screams, sleepless nights and days without speaking. We fell apart.

At that time, our good friend recommended Natasha. In our country, it is still taboo to visit a relationship coach. But we are very open about that, we had only one goal: to save our marriage.

From the first time, we met Natasha, a great bond developed between us. First of all, she charmed us with her honesty and goodwill, her kindness and positive attitude. We talked as if we had known each other all our lives. She is a person with a lot of understanding and knowledge of the subject. Through conversations, exercises and homework, we managed to work with our deepest secrets, from early childhood until now, to overcome our greatest fears, face the pain and make room for love, respect and communication.

Now from this position, it's not that we don't have problems, maybe with our 7-month-old baby they are even bigger, but the way we communicate is different.

Because of the skills we have learned, the way we accept and the way we see things, we now have what we wanted in the first place, to raise our daughter in peace, harmony and love. And to keep our family close and strong.

Natasha is a lifesaver, we recommend her to anyone in need. We had a wonderful time with her, with laughter and tears and we are so grateful for everything she has done for us.

Ana and Miroslav

Bitola, North Macedonia

You've known for some time that a transformation is needed for you to develop your talents, grow your personal power and improve your energy,  impact, well-being and vitality.

Perhaps we should talk?

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