Close your energy leaks to
create a life of self-worth & love!

-No matter where you are now, where you come from or where you are going to- 

And discover how to master your inner world - your THOUGHTS, EMOTIONS, RULES, BELIEFS, VALUES, AND BEHAVIORS - so that you not only develop the ability to survive every season of your life, but also thrive and find the way to ENJOY in any circumstances.

The truth is that all we desire for our lives and our future already exists within us now. What we seek, seeks us too! Only we may learn to OWN OUR STRENGTH and TAKE OUR PLACE ON TIME, so that consciously and with certainty we can REACH our highest ideals consistently 😊)))

How would your life change if you take your space and put yourself first?

And if you stop adjusting (blindly):

  • to the ingrained patterns that don't fit  to your personality;
  • to the expectations of the people around you (even if they love you very much and have good intentions for you).

How would your life change if you start listening to your inner guide, to your positive inner voice?

And you learn to recognize and appreciate your truth. According to your unique values and standards. And start acting on them.

How would your life change if you stop keeping yourself small because you so deeply crave recognition from the outside?

When you take control of the wheel and determine your destination?

So that you never again:

  • Make concessions with what you truly want...
  • Settle for a second place…
  • Or are going to struggle for lack of clarity or direction…
  • Or let other people determine your dreams and dictate your life path for you.

If you recognize this and know that this is happening, try not to feel guilty about it. We are often raised to feel guilty about ourselves, while no one teaches us how to act otherwise.

No one! I also had to learn how to choose for myself and realize my goals.  And I can help you to do this too because I went through it all. I understood that:

Only when you can take good care of yourself, you can take good care of others.

You serve God (the Universe) / your well-being, your life, your family, your employer/business and the world the most when you take good care of yourself.

From a place of Love. Not from your ego.

You serve the most when you put the development of your talents first. And thereby find a way to make your environment and the world a better place. Because you live your mission. From your heart. And according to your unique values and standards...

You can listen to any outside information, but ultimately your decisions should come from WHO YOU ARE, from your core. And you may (learn to) own your power. Without feeling guilty.

For this purpose you need strong self-esteem.

Your self-esteem directly affects the
quality of all facets of your life:

  • your self-image;
  • your stress resistance;
  • your emotional immune system;
  • your physical health (your mental health affects your physical health, and vice versa, our soul and body work together);
  • your self-expression and communication skills (how do you communicate with yourself and with your environment);
  • your choices;
  • your focus and productivity;
  • your relationship(s);
  • your parenting;
  • your work/business;
  • your income;
  • your impact;
  • your life vision;
  • your destination.

When we lose energy, we move away from the mission and destiny that we were born for. But when we discover the PATTERNS that have guided our lives and consciously REBUILD them, we can wake up to all the magic that is always available if we just choose to notice and acknowledge it.


  • How to become a master of your emotions and stop letting yourself be led by all kinds of moods, so you can maintain laser focus towards your goals?
  • How to close your biggest energy leaks, causing you to lose strength, so that you can get more done with less energy?
  • What your highest values are and how to embody and protect them.
  • Which beliefs are subconsciously limiting your development and how to harness them in your service (something that unleashes tons of energy and lets you experience true FREEDOM).
  • How to find and trust your inner truth, which is the only way to rise to your true potential?
  • How to manage yourself in any situation without losing the connection with your strength?
  • How to maintain your inner Peace, Harmony and Focus even in the long run? So that you can face any situation with certainty and confidence!

As a result, you get a strong Connection with your essence, your talents and abilities to create a life of self-worth and love. And manifest your strengths towards your mission. This allows you to build strong self-esteem. This expresses itself in a positive relationship with yourself and also automatically in a positive relationship with others (your partner, kids, parents, friends and all your work relationships) in a constructive and mature way. Something that will give your life a deep Fulfillment. Peace. Space. Certainty.  And...Confidence! 

Who is it for?

For all entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals with dreams who want to contribute to the betterment of the world / their living environment and achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Who do not want to settle for less than what they potentially can have and become. 

Who want to understand life and its spiritual laws, so that they can bring out the best in them in their life, relationships and work.

And who want to invest in their well-being and reach a higher level of prosperity!


If you put your development (thus your well-being) first, everything else will fall into place. Automatically. Because you feel that you are growing, that you are building up, that you are contributing and that you are worthy. Then you are satisfied. Fulfilled. Spacious and understanding. You feel that you are okay. That there is always enough. For you and those around you. And on time. In harmony and balance.

How can I achieve this?

Close your energy leaks to create the life you love!

Embrace your heart

Is an interactive online program. You get access to the lessons in a special online academy. You can do the assignments at your convenience.

In the online LIVE sessions, you'll get all your questions answered.

The program is designed for you to learn all that you need to bring your development to the next level, step by step each time.

  • interactive online program
  • direct access to the lessons in the online academy
  • 12 online modules + workbooks
  • LIVE online sessions to get customized support and get all your questions answered

Optional Special bonus:
Character scan

LIVE online by my husband Ton Creemers, who is a psychologist and works with people for 36 years already. He has the gift to analyze your character via your name and surname in 14 core values(c() and the click (the non-verbal exchange of energy) with people who are important to you. He has an inner vision and will answer all your questions directly. Check his site for more info. He is the only one in the world who can analyze people in this way.

You get one year of access to do the program and to use the coaching sessions. 

The modules are as follows:

  • Basic qualities for spiritual development (Truthfulness, Receptivity, Purity).
  • Education/Upbringing and how emotions and traits work together.
  • Discover the three types of will, strengthen your positive will and gain certainty.
  • Stop pleasing and looking for recognition outside of yourself.
  • Overcome your fears and step out of your comfort zone.
  • Find your rhythm, stop living in a hurry and create peace, space and harmony.
  • Learn how to deal with guilt, perfectionism and smothering.
  • Discover your human needs (which drive all your actions) and how to overcome your limiting beliefs.
  • Learn how to deal with resistance, protest, conflict and crises.
  • Find out how to consciously choose your moods.
  • Discover your life values and how to communicate effectively.
  • Achieve your dreams, one step at a time and in with joy.
  • Bonus module 1: Discover the spiritual laws of the universe that govern our life.
  • Bonus module 2: Build and maintain strong physical health and vitality.

What is your investment?


6 months interactive online program
one single payment

  • Access to the online academy
  • Unlimited email support 24/7
  • 12 modules + workbooks
  •  8 coaching sessions (60 minutes each) 

YOU become

Life will always challenge you because life never stands still and wants you to develop and get stronger. You will get the knowledge and the know-how about how to direct life for the benefit of your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones, undert all circumstances. By increasing your self-esteem, you develop more soul mass.

You will grow and become more... As you become more, you can:

  • have,
  • handle,
  • give,
  • and BE MORE! 

You save : 

  • time, 
  • energy, 
  • regret,
  • material resources.

And you enrich your life with MORE:

  • love,
  • joy,
  • inner peace and space,
  • conscious decisions based on knowledge,
  • certainty,
  • freedom,
  • playfulness,
  • aliveness.

And you Make an impact: in your own life,
the life of your loved ones and
the lives of the people around you.

Only when you SEE yourself, others will SEE you too. Then people are attracted to the real YOU and not to someone pretending to be YOU.

THEN the magic begins!
When you give yourself permission to live your best life, you unconsciously pass that on to the people around you. Then you become an example and lead by deeds. Then you are like a magnet for others who only want to be near you.

I am Natasha Martinoska

I help people to increase their quality of life and bring up the best in them, in all aspects. They overcome their inner conflicts, close their energy leaks and grow exponentially in their personal power while creating a life of self-worth and love.

When people feel recognized, understood and encouraged in their strengths and get the right support, they build strong self-esteem, reach continuously their goals and enjoy the dance with the unknown which comes their way.

As a result, they build positive relationships with themselves and become a source of happiness, love and light for everybody around them.

I have undergone a major transformation in the last 20 years. I've researched and experienced a lot, thanks to everything I've been through in my life (coming from a collectivistic to individualistic culture, from having no identity to building strong self-esteem, from going through denial and finding recognition, from darkness to light, from prison to finding freedom and independence in myself).

I have guided many people, privately and professionally, to the next step in their development. I am also here to inspire you to take the same leap: to more happiness, joy and meaning in your life.

A life you are proud of! A life in which you grow and help others to grow too. As a human. Because you were created to shine!

In this course, I have gathered my most important life lessons for you. The core of all my gained wisdom is here ready for you. With concrete examples, case studies and tips that you can apply immediately. And you will start getting results immediately.

Interactive online programma.
One year access + special bonus: character scan

Now for  € 4.997,- one single payment or in 3 terms of € 1.750,-  each

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does this training program last?

The program lasts 12 months and consists of 12 modules + bonuses depending on which option you choose. 

How long do I have access to the lessons?

You get one year of access from the moment you enroll. 

How much time do  I need to spend per week?

You get direct access to all the modules if you pay one single payment in advance. You can view these on your own pace. The training can therefore be planned entirely at your own time. The live sessions are fixed! You should count on approximately 2 hours per module and make sure you make use of the live sessions. 

Can I also deduct this program from the tax?

If you are an entrepreneur, you can deduct this program as a study expense.

If you are a private individual and have to pay income tax, you can declare these costs as study costs. Ask about your situation at the tax office.

Do you have other questions?

We are happy to answer them. Send them to

When I started "Embrace Your Heart," I didn't have such warm feelings for my own heart, let alone "embrace" it.
I was a walking head, "no-body". I had a lot of assumptions and beliefs that I lived by. I didn't know I could change them myself. I have had so many "a-ha" moments in the past few months, there are new truths for me and I now know that it is a progressive insight, so it is not absolute but relative!

I want to keep learning in life, that learning attitude helps me put things into perspective. Now I have beliefs that fit me and could let go of unconscious beliefs that I brought with me from childhood.
A lot has changed from experiencing Natasha's modules, exercises and conversations with her.
I have come to see myself as a noble created being, and love my essence.

I am becoming a better and nicer friend to myself which makes me also nicer to everyone around me.
I feel compassion for myself and every human being. I'm happy in the messy middle of this precious life, voluntarily cooperating, feeling equal to each other and having the awareness that we are reciprocally dependent on each other!
Thank you, Natasha, for your invaluable Online Academy!

Karlijn van Habraken

From the desire to make different choices in my life I started an introductory conversation with Natasha. Following the "Embrace your heart program" together with several coaching sessions appealed to be the right choice for me right away. From the beginning, there was a click and trust with Natasha. The process was very nice to do with her. 

Her wisdom and insight gave me a lot of tools to work with. She is a good listener and she knows how to explain difficult situations that arise in such a way that they become a learning moment.

The process of moving from thinking to feeling has put me much more in my power and within three months I had already handed in my resignation.

 I feel grateful to have met Natasha on my path, I eagerly look forward to a future full of room to grow and to see myself and be seen.

Esther Vesterink

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