Today I have a beautiful question for you: “How clean is your love garden?”

I heard an example from a colleague of mine a while ago, her name is Emanuela Deyanova, who compares the atmosphere between love partners to a love garden.

And this metaphor touched me. Because I love nature and beauty. And in nature there are examples to be found for everything we people need to learn.

Therefore, the question I want to ask you today is: how clean is your love garden? You can view your love garden in the relationship with your partner, but also in the relationship with yourself or any other relationship which is important to you.

A garden, for example, should be neatly and regularly maintained. Not just when you feel like it, but when the plants need the right care. So, you need to be on time.

The same goes for our love relationship. Love is a verb.

Partners need to share things, cherish the connection, speak up when misunderstandings arise, forgive each other and forget the things that were not right. Forever!

But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to express themselves, not everyone is connected to their feelings,… Therefore many things are often unconsciously swallowed and tucked under the table.

Because often times people don’t want to argue, they don’t want unrest, they are afraid to speak up and  they withdraw or step forward very firmly.

This is a dance that happens in many relationships and many families.

Many people when they can’t get right from their partner, pull the old cows out of the ditch and even become revengable, very dominant or demanding.

Then the love garden becomes neglected step by step and becomes full of garbage. These are frustrations, unpleasant emotions such as powerlessness, resistance, fear, despair, anger, doubts,…which lead to inner conflicts.

As a result, you can become estranged from yourself and lose the connection also with your partner. Then your love garden also becomes very misty, dusty and dirty.

So, how clean is your love garden? What is the weather like there?

Try to rate yourself from 1 to 10. If your grade is lower than 9 I invite you to investigate what is the reason for this?

Do you feel safe with your partner? Do you feel safe in yourself?

Do you feel free?

What is in the way?

You can ask yourself these questions in any relationship that is important to you and not just in your romantic relationship.

And see what comes to mind. Try to feel how that feels. And ask yourself: “Is this what I want? Is this my standard in my life? What else do I want?”

If you long for more than what you have now, I can help you to rediscover the pure connection in the relationship with yourself and with your partner (when needed).

Because purity is the basis and the only way to build up something solid in the longer term.

You need purity to distinguish what is good for you and what is not good for you.

The inner purity and beauty is reflected in your outer world and vice versa!

Would you love to know more?

Then I would love to help you to clear all the obstacles that block the light in your heart, so that you can fully own your place and create the life what you truly want.

In a free initial consultation you can discover how we can work together.

I wish you lots of love and beauty in your love garden :).

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