What is your love language?

Everyone has a need for LOVE <img draggable=. To give love. And to receive love. This is our basic human need that we need satisfy every day.

But everyone understands and experiences love differently.

This makes it sometimes difficult for us humans to communicate effectively with each other, because the rules which we have (very unconsciously) about what needs to happen for us to feel love can be very different.

In this video I will share the 5 love languages with you. Because love is a language. And in order to get along well with people who are important to you, you have to learn to speak their love language.

Β If I were to talk Macedonian (this is my mother language) to you now, you will probably not understand me. But if I speak in English to you, my guess is you will understand me much better, even if I speak with an accent <img draggable=. So, language is very important.Β 

In this video I will share with you the 5 love languages of Gary Chapman. He has written a book on this topic and here I will explain the basics for you.

Look for some people, quality time with each other is very important. This means that these people need to receive fully focused, undivided attention, so that they can feel completely seen, heard and listened to. Then nothing and no one may intervene with whom the attention should be shared. Because if this happens, then these people don’t feel valued enough in the attention they receive, and therefore they feel not loved.

For other people, physical touch is very important. They like to be touched in order to experience love. That can be a kiss, a pat on the shoulder or intimate touch, or patting on the head, being gently caressed or massaged or just holding hands. So, these people get energy from the physical touch and this is their way to fully recharge. While other people don’t want to be touched so often.

Another love language is the language full of positive words of encouragement and affirmation. These people want to be confirmed in the things they do well. And they can’t stand critical remarks at all. They immediately experience the critical remarks as criticism and this cuts as a knife deep into their soul. So, these people need compliments to feel love and they get energy from this.

The fourth love language is acts of service. Often times, people who take lots of responsibilities on they shoulders speak this love languge. These people feel love when they get help and support in the things they want to get done. And if their partner, for example, does or arranges things for them, this relieves the burden on their shoulders and this feels heavenly to them. I have this very strong. For example, if my dear husband cooks on days when I’m very busy, I experience that as love. Or if he helps me with the household, I also experience that as love. I love my job and that’s where I put a lot of my attention, and when I get help with the household, I feel embraced and supported.

The fifth love language is giving gifts to each other. Some people need gifts and presents in order to experience love. Sometimes the gift can be very small. But for them this is very big.

It is important that you learn and respect the love language of your partner, children and other family members. So, that you can give them love in the way that they can receive it. And that gives people energy. Then people feel seen, loved, respected, listened to, understood,Β  appreciated and they experience this as LOVE.

And this goes for any relationship. In your private and business lifes. Because everyone we are all humans and everyone wants to feel loved.

What is your love language? It can be interesting for you to explore this, so that you can satisfy your need for love on a high level. This will give you energy, joy, balance, vibrancy, and also a boost, making all other aspects in life easier.

Do you need help? Or would you like to know more? As a results life coach I help people to lovingly build a positive relationship with themselves and others, and I would love to help you to experience more love, joy and connection. ViaΒ this link you can book a call with me directly in my agenda!

Wishing you lots of love <img role=!

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