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This blog is inspired by the posts of two beautiful women, Heleen Verkerk who posted the above quote on social media and Alida van der Hoek’s post (see the photo below) about soul love.

You can’t choose a timeless love, it happens to you. I kept puzzling about this quote because this is exactly my experience. And this is what I feel for my husband Ton. So, I would like to try to explain my thoughts on ‘timeless love.

When I met Ton in 2007, I had no intention to fall in love with him. I didn’t even find him attractive at first glance. He is the first Dutchman I met in my life, he was older and divorced, and also had a new religion.

But he had a light in his eyes that triggered me. This light felt to me like the sun shining on the water of The Lake of Ohrid, in Macedonia (where I was born and where I lived when I met him). And I wanted to discover what is that light in him. Often with people who triggered me, I had the experience that after a few encounters, the attraction quickly went away.

Ton’s light kept triggering me. And I fell in love with this light. It was not a conscious choice, it happened to me. Now I know that the light in his eyes is his purity, rock-solid morality, unconditional faith in life and love for the Creator.

This light felt like coming home to me. In his heart. This light has for me the freshness of the mountain, where I used to go every weekend in my childhood.

That is why I can survive here in The Netherlands without having the mountains around me. I love the beautiful green nature and the water channels here in The Netherlands, don’t get me wrong. But mountains have something majestic about them.

So, falling in love with Ton is something that happened to me subconsciously. I didn’t intend to, I wasn’t searching for it and my mind couldn’t understand… My mind was even against it! Since many obstacles and logical reasons were justifying the fact that the choice for him entailed many risks.

I had a conflict between my head and heart for 2 years. I fell in love with him and started to cry. Because I knew that my love for him will be denied by those around me. I couldn’t share it. I couldn’t celebrate it as many other people of my generation could and did. People didn’t understand. I couldn’t explain it. They didn’t see what I saw. And they didn’t feel what I felt. Which is very understandable and normal.

Today I know that Ton’s purity touched my purity. For someone like me who for years felt like I didn’t belong in the lifestyle that was modern in my generation’s world (which is why I was called the partybreker because I didn’t drink, didn’t smoke, and didn’t regularly sleep with different guys) his energy was like food for my soul.

He has the same values as me. He has the same dreams as me. He has the same modest lifestyle as I have. He doesn’t want to have debts, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol and doesn’t flirt. I don’t like to have debts too and I never knew how to flirt with men.

We both love to travel and want to discover different cultures. And we both want to make a positive impact in the world.

He lives his life according to the spiritual laws of the Universe (God). And this is what I instinctively had in me, but in his presence, I learned to implement these much more deeply into my life.

What I know for sure is that he is my kind. We are made of the same tree. Of the same material. Our love is independent of what people will say or where we should live, whether we have children or not, how much we earn, or the physical ailments we have. It’s a deep soul connection.

It sometimes feels the same as if you are in deep meditation, prayer, or ecstasy… It is life-giving, it is nurturing, it is building up (not blaming), it is understanding, it is compassionate, it’s forgiving, it’s liberating, it cures, it heals, it finds ways in difficulties (sometimes after a lot of struggle <img draggable=), it shines a light on our shortcomings and shows us the growth opportunities, it cleans the rusted parts in our characters step by step, it is renewing so that our souls can grow to the next level of development and it creates a bond that goes beyond this world of matter.

The attraction that comes from our souls doesn’t disappear. Energy doesn’t disappear. It only goes from one form to another. That’s why it’s timeless…!

So, these are my thoughts on timeless love. And you can feel timeless love for every person and in every relationship when you see it through the eyes of pure love.

Can you relate to this?

Wishing you all the love in the world <img role=!


PS. Do you need help? Or would you like to know more? As a professional results life coach, I help people to clean all the psychological obstacles from within so that the light in their hearts can fully shine and they can lovingly build a positive relationship with themselves and others. With confidence and joy. And I would love to help you to experience more love, joy and connection as well. You can use this link to book a call with me directly on my agenda!

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