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The past year has been quite challenging for me. Mostly because of the health challenges that came our way in my family.

For me, my family is number 1 in my life. I like to know and understand things and when there are problems I run as a spear and work hard to find answers, solve the problems and help restore harmony again.

During this time I learned a lot and I want to share with you the phases I went through.

Because everyone faces setbacks in life sooner or later.

Examples of this are:

– illness and concerns about your health or the health of your loved ones;

– relationship crisis or divorce;

– job loss;

– financial setbacks;

– a threat to your company in time of crisis;

– loss of a loved one as a very heavy emotional setback.

The question is: “How do you deal with setbacks?”

The first reaction that people usually have is getting very angry or very sad and feeling completely mentally knocked down. This is very normal. And this stage can last a very long time which can be very painful.

Sometimes people even protest and deny the situation. Then life takes a completely different direction, against all odds. And people often need time to accept and get used to the new.

Many of us don’t know how to deal with these difficult situations. And it can be very tough. Because it is usually about something that happens to us outside of our control and this makes us feel powerless.

In this case, know that the first step to moving forward is to accept the situation!

The second step is to bring about unity in the family.

For example, if there are too many heavy emotions such as anger, accusations, panic, and protest, people often start arguing, but they don’t move forward.

Achieving unity is a process in itself that takes work. For example, this means talking to each other, exploring things, sharing emotions, trying to understand the situation and each other and supporting each other in the challenge that the family faces as a whole.

Because everyone belongs to a family. The happiness of one family member means happiness for the whole family. And the pain of one is a pain for all family members.

So if unity has been achieved, then the third step is to investigate the facts.

Investigate what is known, and what is not known. Use the mind. And not just your emotions.

That helps to get moving to find answers. Then you start thinking and you tame your emotions.

The fourth step is to seek help if you need help.

Then find the best professionals and don’t try to solve things yourself. Because you can never look objectively at your subjectivity. And more people know more than one. Then the deeper truth comes to the table, as it were.

The fifth step is to look at how life talks to you. What does life want you to learn and develop?

Life happens for us to grow and develop and we always have a lesson to learn from all the trials that come our way. When we pick up the lesson and can understand the message of life, then fresh air comes in, as it were. A relief. Fresh energy. Then you can move forward! And not sooner!

For me, for example, the lesson is to develop a lot of patience, love and compassion, and also to explore and grow a lot.

The sixth step is to trust the process!

Trust life. You don’t need to know everything right away. Do your best and trust the fact that all answers will come your way in time.

Because on a higher level, things always happen on time and in harmony. And how life reveals things to us is really a mystery.

Life protects us and always guides us. Because life wants us to succeed.

There is a very beautiful expression that says “God does not burden any soul beyond her capacity.”

Namely, life trusts us that we have the power to solve things. That’s why we get these trials.

So no matter what season you are in your life right now,  trust the process!

The seventh step is to create again!

In my family, for example, now we enjoy many new recipes, smoothies and exercises and we share what we have discovered and learned. So we are now more united and connected to each other than before… How beautiful is that?

My question to you is how do you deal with setbacks?

If you need help, I invite you to contact me. All the things I am writing, I have experienced myself.

And as a Result life coach, my mission is to help people increase their quality of life and promote their well-being, by helping them to clear all their psychological obstacles, from within, so that they can manifest their talents and create a life of self-worth and love.

As a result, new forces are being released and people get new energy to move toward their goals.

Do you want to know more? Then let’s meet!

You can book a free initial consultation with me via this link.

Lots of love!


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