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Dear friend, how are you doing?

The summer is almost over and I hope you had a wonderful time. I was visiting my parents in Macedonia for 5 weeks, for the first time after 3 years (thanks to Covid) and for the first time after 10 years without my husband (because he had other obligations in The Netherlands).

I felt completely embraced and regenerated there by the love that I received from my family and the magnificence, the beauty and the fruits of the nature around me. I’m never going to wait that long again to go back to my roots.

Back to The Netherlands, I decided to implement more well-being moments in my daily life.

Swimming twice a week is an example of this. Investing more in my social contacts and increasing my network is another example.

Namely, I want to enrich my life with more like-minded people who inspire and also support each other on this journey to more happiness and fulfilment in life. Something that is a process, because as long as we live on this Earth, we are never done with our development.

Life continues to challenge us and the problems never stop.

The only people who have no problems are those who are buried.

In this life people dance between joy and sorrow, between happiness and pain, between light and darkness, between hope and sometimes despair.

But know that the pain and the happiness have nothing to do with each other .

You can have problems and still be happy. The pain and the joy can exist together.

Problems call us to grow. These have a lesson for us. If we pick up the lesson in time, we will grow to the next level.

Then, as it were, a spiritual door opens through which we jump to the next phase of life. This is my experience.

If we learn and implement the lessons, then we have overcome something.

Then we have become MORE. This brings HAPINNES.

Do you know what is the greatest gift you can give to the people and nature around you?


Happiness promotes your health and the health of others. It is contagious and spreads positivity. Positivity & happiness radiate back to you. The opposite is also true. This is the law of nature.

That’s why I want to check… Are you happy?

If not, what are the things you can implement that are within your control to experience more fulfilment in your life?

Think of the first small step you can take today toward more joy and happiness in your life. 

It’s a gift you give yourself <img draggable= .

And let me know. I would love to hear from you.


PS. If you want to know more about how I can support you towards more happiness in your life so that you can overcome any inner conflicts and take concrete steps towards your goals, let’s get to know each other without any obligation on your part.

Via this link you can book an appointment directly in my online agenda and you’ll discover how we can work together. I want to meet you from heart to heart <img draggable= )

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