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For quite some time, I believed that knowledge was the key to success!

You see, knowledge is a strength that illuminates human life.

I’m a dedicated learner, and as I’ve grown and developed, I’ve seen my shortcomings transform, while gaining more insights, space, and inner peace. I’ve witnessed this in my work as a coach as well, where I’ve observed my clients grow and become happier.

But, is knowledge truly the primary factor for success?

My answer to this is: No!

I’ve come to realize that the most significant factor for one’s success is their personal power.

This personal power depends on a person’s capacity to transform a certain idea into reality.

We’re all born with a predetermined potential personal power.

We’re all equal as human beings, but we have different personal power.

Not everyone can be a general. We need people who build roads, pick up the garbage, and care for patients in hospitals at night.

These differences are essential to organize society and collectively construct a positive human civilization.

Therefore, it’s crucial for everyone to develop within the boundaries of their personal power.

If, for example, you exceed these boundaries, it doesn’t just harm your development and well-being but also your relationships and surroundings.

On the other hand, if you play it too modest and don’t fully utilize your potential, you’re not just harming yourself but also humanity, as you’re not contributing what you ought to.

Life isn’t solely about us; it’s about the added value we bring to others, like our partners, children, parents, colleagues, friends, clients, neighbors, and the broader community in which we live.

That’s why it’s vital to thoroughly get to know ourselves!

If you wish to better understand yourself and your life circumstances, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I work with spiritual laws (the logical developments of your qualities) and can explain how these manifest concretely in your life.

If you’d like a full character analysis without needing to disclose much about yourself, contact my husband, Ton Creemers (0031 6 20 59 630,, who excels at assessing people’s characters and core qualities.

By hearing just your first and last name, he senses your energy and can translate it into words. He can do this within 2 minutes but might need up to 2 hours to explain the results and offer practical guidance.

These core qualities include:

  1. Your unique MAGICAL Talent is one of the 361 qualities/talents we are born with that unleashes joy and creativity when you use it.

  2. Your Talent in Development at this stage in your life, helps you to explore new life phases and learn how to develop other aspects in you for renewed energy.

  3. Underdeveloped inner child needs, the recognition of which brings healing to all aspects of your life and promotes successful collaborations.

  4. Your Stress Resistance / Resilience – will help you understand how character wounds affect you and your relationships, both professionally and personally. This can also help determine if you’re suited to running your own business, for example.

  5. Your strong psychological Inner Need that you need to fulfill is a common thread in all life situations.

  6. Your Sales skills – discover which sales role suits you best for success in your job. There are 20 sales roles.

  7. Your Role Model for a positive attitude and growth. Being aware of your role model and its benefits can help you derive maximum advantage.

  8. The deeper Meaning and Purpose in your life (destiny), which is motivating everything you do.

  9. Your deeply rooted Motivations for success and fulfillment.

  10. If you have an Affinity with your company’s product/service for maximum impact.

  11. The Click between you and the people important to you (positive, negative, or neutral) and how to change this when necessary.

His talent and character analysis surpass any other in terms of speed, thoroughness, and reliability.

It will change your life and enable you to determine your new path immediately.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask!

Warm regards and much love!

P.S. If you have a desire to connect more to your true essence and expand your personal power so you can achieve professional success, enjoy happy relationships, increase the quality of your life, and improve your overall well-being, let's talk.
You can book a free get-acquainted call with me via the link below.

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