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Are you someone who denies himself/herself? Or are you someone who recognizes and acknowledges himself/herself?

This topic of denial and acknowledgment came up more often in my last conversations with people this past month.

Because a lot of us look at what they don’t have. And they forget what they do have.

Is the glass half empty or half full for you?

For example, if you observe your thoughts when you see yourself in the mirror in the morning, what do you notice first? Your beautiful sides with which you are satisfied? Or do you notice first the things that you don’t like about yourself?

Try to be very honest with yourself.

Further, look at the voices that arise within you throughout the day. Are these positive or negative?

Do you compliment yourself for the things you do well? Or are you very critical of yourself and things always have to be done better or in another way?

Are you at peace with how life in the present moment is unfolding before your eyes or do you feel uneasy about this?

Maybe you already live in the flow? Or maybe you live always in a hurry, and you walk around constantly feeling under pressure.

So, do you treat yourself lovingly or are you hard, too tough and demanding?

Try to meditate about this.

You see, our moods are the place for the love of our essence.

Try to feel whether these are mainly positive or mainly negative for you.

Or if you cannot figure this out for yourself, ask people around you. They will give you an honest answer.

If you have positive moods, my compliments! Then you experience love, harmony and peace in your life.

If your moods are negative, your self-image may also be negative. And that is a signal that in different ways you may deny yourself, very unconsciously. 

Because people can never rise above their opinion of themselves.

If this is true, rest assured. There is nothing wrong with you. This is only a sign that you are not aligned with your true nature, with your essence.

Because no one taught you how to behave differently.

Know that the negative thoughts are simply not true.

Because they always have to do with the past. OR the future.

But in the now there is Peace. In the now there is FREEDOM. In the now there is EVERYTHING. For you too. In the now everything is enough and in harmony on a higher level.

For the Universe is always in harmony.

If you feel the need to create more Peace, Harmony and Fulfilment in your life, I would like to help you grow more Love in your Heart. So that you can build a loving relationship, first with yourself and from there with others.

I help people overcome inner conflicts and close their energy leaks so that they can grow exponentially in their personal power while creating the life they love.

What makes me different from other life coaches is my ability to see, understand and encourage people in their strengths so that they can embrace their true identity, build strong self-esteem, achieve their goals and enjoy the dance with the unknown that comes their way.

As a result, they develop a positive relationship with themselves and become a source of happiness, love and light for everyone around them.

Would you like to know more? Then you can book your free initial consultation via this link.

Let’s get to know each other better.

To your happiness!

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