Today, I want to dive deep into a beautiful topic that’s worthy of reflection: Protection.

How do you protect yourself?

It’s a question that often goes unnoticed in our daily lives, yet it holds the key to our personal growth, emotional well-being, and connection with the world around us.

Have you ever observed how many of us live in a constant state of defensiveness?

We often find ourselves in a defensive mode, guarding against potential threats such as attacks, emotional hurt, misunderstandings, disrespect, or not being taken seriously. How we protect ourselves varies from person to person, and it’s crucial to recognize our protection mechanisms.

To be able to do this, I invite you to consider how you react in situations in which life doesn’t go the way you like and you feel triggered.

What is your first natural reaction?

Do you tend to protest, deny, or even fight against the changes when life doesn’t go your way?

Or do you take a step back and withdraw?

Perhaps you’re someone who accepts and adjusts, or maybe you seek win-win solutions.

These choices define you and influence the way you interact with the world.

Try to write down your insights in your journal. This way you have something concrete to work on in case there is something you want to change later.

Now, let’s take a step further and ponder how often you find yourself protecting your opinions, choices, and voice in your relationships—with your partner, children, parents, colleagues, boss, or friends.

Do you frequently need to argue with facts and reasons to have your views accepted and respected?

Is this a simple or difficult task for you?

It’s worth meditating on these questions to understand your dynamics.

Every time we need to protect ourselves, we shut down a part of ourselves.

Whenever we protect ourselves, we cannot be open, cheerful, playful and creative. The life within us cannot fully flow and our need to control ourselves and others takes over, driven by the need for safety.

However, this need for safety can become a trap.

When we’re not safe, we’re afraid to be vulnerable, and there’s no space for our feelings, emotions, opinions, ideas, or insights to emerge because our essence is closed.

When our essence is closed, a part of us dies.

Then a real connection cannot take place.

Highly evolved people do not need protection.

They allow their energy to fully flow. They express themselves with ease and are pure channels for the divine energy to flow through them.

Think of people like Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama. I understood they don’t have protection because they don’t need it.

They just flow, and we all feel the benefits.

Then we feel the connection with their magical essence that is pure, loving, embracing, comforting, healing and uplifting.

We all have this magical essence within us.

Only we are not connected to it. Because we protect ourselves. And as a result, we lose our FREEDOM.

What is the price you pay for protecting, controlling and being closed?

I am not suggesting that we all need to become as enlightened as these holy people, but we can work on becoming more open, allowing more of our authentic selves to flow through us so that more of us can be seen, heard, felt, experienced and expressed and can be manifested in the service of the good of this world.

This is the path to joy, creativity, productivity, health, growth and impact.

If you’re interested in making a change in your life, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to support you in opening up to your essence and creating the space to receive all the goodness and magic that life has to offer.

It’s always available to you; all you need to do is step into it.

With love and appreciation,

P.S. If you have a desire to connect more to your true essence and expand your personal power so you can achieve professional success, enjoy happy relationships, increase the quality of your life, and improve your overall well-being, let's talk.
You can book a free get-acquainted call with me via the link below.

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