Finding Home: A Journey of Love, Transformation, and Purpose Natasha Martinoska | Leadership Coach | Robbins-Madanes trained coach

“My task is to bring you home”, this is what my husband told me when he first met me.

“I don’t understand what you mean. I am confused”, I answered, unaware that my journey was about to take a remarkable turn.

At that time I believed I had it all.

I had a very successful banking career. I had a huge network of friends, great relationships with my family, high status and a good income. People respected me and admired me (from the outside).

I was working 24/7 and my identity was fully built on my professional success. I was married to my job.

Yet in my heart, I felt that this was not my final destination.

I always felt that I wanted to make a positive impact in the world and wanted to work according to my values and norms.

At that time in Macedonia, when the unemployment rate was almost 35 % and the private sector was just developing in its early stages, this seemed impossible.

My answer came through the love of my life.

For years I was praying to be found by a man who I will love with all my heart and who loves me for who I am, and not for my outside symbols.

This is how I met Ton Creemers (the first Dutch person in my life) who conquered my heart against all the differences and barriers that existed between us.

As a seasoned psychologist, coach, and business advisor, he saw something in me that I hadn’t fully recognized myself- my innate ability to support and guide others. He could give words to the way I instinctively supported and guided my people and our frequencies matched.

Step by step a new dimension of existence became open for me.

I came from an environment where people were obedient to the authority, suppressed in their self-expression and trained to follow the expectations from the outside.

If you don’t follow the social norms you get immediately judged.

I was very successful in fulfilling other people’s expectations since I naturally love people and want to make everybody happy.

But at the moment I decided to make a different decision, against the expectations and the norms of the people around me, and choose to follow the love I felt for Ton, leave my job, my country and my family, my whole world collapsed.

Leaving behind the familiar, I followed my heart to The Netherlands where I started working alongside Ton. We traveled all over the country on behalf of different companies and I made thousands of reports for our clients.

This is how I discovered the power of coaching.

I witnessed how people transformed, connecting to their strengths and daring to stand up for what they truly see, believe, experience and manifesting their heart’s desires.

This was a game-changer for me.

This is how I found my mission, started my coaching business and a completely new life chapter began to unfold.

At that time, I went through a deep transition coming from a collectivistic to an individualistic culture, from losing a part of my identity to building strong self-esteem, from going through rejection and finding recognition, from darkness to light, from feeling imprisoned in systems that didn’t fit my true nature anymore to finding freedom and independence in myself.

Through the years I guided many people to trust their hearts, take that leap of faith, own their leadership and rise to their true potential.

I am also here to inspire you to take the same leap to a higher level of existence,  to more energy, vitality, joy, progress and happiness in your life, by integrating your talents, capacities, values, beliefs and ideals, clearing the old limiting beliefs about what’s possible for you and focusing all your energy as a laser towards your goals and your true destination.

My husband led me home indeed—not just to his heart, but to my true destiny.

So, if you don’t feel “at home” in your current life situation let’s talk. That can be a sign that life is calling you to move forward to a new form of existence that is more in harmony with your essence and with your being.

Via this link,you can book a free discovery session with me.

I’d love to talk to you and investigate how I can support you on your journey forward.

Much love,

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