Today I want to remind you on some little things. The little things matter. If you do the little things right, there is a huge chance that you do the big things also right.

Therefore I want to put you the question:

“How do you show up? Every day, for yourself. Not only for others?”

For example, do you get up on time and do you have a morning ritual which helps you to start the day focussed and prepared?

I start the day for example at 06.30 . I wash myself and take a cold shower and then I  take time for prayer and meditation. Then I drink 2 cups of fresh lemon water and I go for a walk for about half an hour.

When I come back, I drink my celery juice which is prepared by my dear husband. In the meanwhile I prepare myself for the day. Sometimes I cook a soup (the ingredients a get prepared the evening before)… And at 09.30 h or 10.00 h depends on the day I start to work with my clients.

I choose not to go on social media or read the news in the morning, because I am sensitive for what is happening in the world.

My mornings are very important to me, I like to keep my spirit fresh and I try to protect myself from too much input from outside.

Another question I like to put you is: “How do you dress yourself? Do you try always to look at your best?”

For me it’s important that I have clean clothes in which I feel warm and comfortable.

Further: “Do you greet people you meet on the street?”

For example I greet everyone when I walk in the mornings in the park nearby. Sometimes I have a little chat with people. And thanks to my morning walk I got 2 new friends in the last two years, when we could go nowhere.

Another question which is very important is”What kind of food do you eat?

Is your food based on fruits and vegetables as the most nutritious ingredients, or do you eat a lot of sugar, grains and fat?”

You see, the food is influencing our moods and our energy levels.

I stopped eating sugar for example, because I noticed that it’s slows me down and it makes me sleepy. It took I while before I fully cut it. Now for 6 months I eat sugar free, I stopped drinking coffee and also I don’t eat milk products.

You have to find what works best for your energy, but know that we need to keep our body and our colons clean if we like to stay healthy, vital and have good energy levels.

I can talk a lot about food, because a healthy lifestyle is my hobby. If you have interests in this please let me know and I can make more video’s about this topic.

Further, are your moods during the day mostly positive or mostly negative? Are the emotions that you feel mostly positive or negative? Is the language that you use to speak to yourself in your head positive or negative?

All these things, influences the way you show up in the world, because it influences your energy levels and  how you feel, 

 So, prayer and meditation, nutritious food, enough movement, clean clothes, spreading positive energy in communication with others…All of these things defines you!

It defines who you are, it defines how you care about yourself, it defines your energy and vitality and the impact you make in communication with others.

Try to see if there are areas in which you are not satisfied with yourself. If that is the case, try to raise your standards in those areas. The little things are the ones which matter the most. And Life is too short to settle down for less than what you can possibly be or have.

You can decide today to become an agent for a positive change by being a positive example for yourself and for the people in your environment.

In a world which is so full of conflict, confusion, new sicknesses, we need more people who will take the lead to be a source of positivity, joy and inspiration for others.

You can become an agent for a positive change only if you are capable to transform all the pain and negativity which comes your way into a positive energy and at the same time take a good care about yourself.

Raising your standards is a good way to begin.

Because change needs to happen in little steps and with joy.  

If you need help with raising your standards and clearing up the  obstacles which drain your energy, I would love to help you to shine your light from inside out and create the life you truly love. In a free initial consultation you can discover if we are a good match.

Sending you lots of love,

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