Today I have a beautiful topic for you and that is: “How is life talking  to you?”

To explain this topic, I’ll share some spiritual laws with you.

So, first I invite you to look at the circumstances that are present in your life right now. 

What’s going well?
What’s not going well?
What are you happy with?
And where do you experience spiritual pain?

You see, at every life stage, there is something to be happy about. And also something that you miss.

What are you missing now?
What do you long for?
What would you like to have?

I’ve realized that oftentimes life doesn’t give us what we ask for, but it gives us what we need to develop and increase our spiritual strength. 

Namely, life tests us on our weakest points with the aim of healing these points and getting them stronger. 

We need this spiritual pain to develop, otherwise, we should always stay the same and in our comfort zone. Our task is to transform this pain into strength. This is how we increase our personal power.

So, how are you being challenged at this stage in your life? What do you need to learn?

We, people, are born with certain strong qualities or talents. In each new phase in our lives, the wisdom in us evokes a new quality that wants to be developed in us.

This is a spiritual law.

For example, my strongest quality is to know. I like to learn and understand things. But at this stage in my life, the quality that wants to develop in me is Love. Therefore I am learning to develop more patience, compassion, and also empathy in my relationship with myself, my husband and the people I love.

What do you think, which quality in your character wants to develop at this stage in your life?


How is life speaking to you  Natasha Martinoska

I invite you to meditate on this topic as this can help you to understand yourself better and take responsibility for things that you may not understand right now so well and that you think are out of your control.

If you learn the lesson and can grasp the message, then you’ll grow, as it were, to a new level on the ladder of your spiritual development.

And if you hesitate and don’t pick up the lesson, you can stay moving in circles for a long time. Then the trials of life will become heavier.

This is a spiritual law.

I’ve experienced that when we are ready with a certain phase, a new spiritual door opens, as it were, to the next phase of development.

That’s how I made the switch, from banking to coaching. When I passed the test of money and material things, I moved to the personal development field. This is the reason why I changed my profession.

Sometimes people change jobs, places of residence, circles of friends, leave relationships, or start a new relationship because new qualities in their character want to be developed.

On a higher spiritual level, everything happens in harmony in our lives. How life reveals things to us is a mystery.

We are always guided and it’s important that we have confidence in this process.

So, try to meditate on what qualities you need to develop at this stage of your life.

This will give you energy because qualities always feel positive.

And feel free to share with me your insights, I’d love to hear from you.

Would you love to know more? Then I invite you to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you explore this together so that you can smoothly grow to the next level in your development, with confidence and joy! 

Lots of love!

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