How to grow more LOVE? How to receive more Love? And how to LOVE more?

We all long for Love. It’s our basic human need to give and to receive love.

But Love is a kind of “a mother quality”, which has many other qualities in it. And without these qualities, love cannot really flow. Some examples include Freedom, Compassion and Forgiveness.

For example, one of the most important qualities that Love needs is Freedom.

We people must feel free. Free to give and receive love. That’s why things go so well at the beginning of any relationship when people fall in love with each other. They have no obligations together. They are totally FREE.

We can’t demand love. We can’t impose love. We can’t buy love. Love is not something you need to deserve.

I noticed that many people buy love, very unconsciously. Or they think they have to earn love. And many are afraid of losing the love.

How is that in your case? Do you feel that you are worthy of love? That love is FREELY available to you? Or do you think you have to fight for love, or earn love or work hard to keep the love in your life?

What is your connection with Love? Or more precisely, when do you feel worthy of receiving love?

Try to meditate about this. And then try also to investigate if you can give love freely?

Because to love freely means that you must be capable of loving unconditionally. One example of unconditional love is the love that mothers have for their children. They love their children NO MATTER WHAT.

And we need more of this kind of love between adults too. That we can love each other no matter what.

Do you know what kind of power is this? When you can keep giving LOVE, no matter what?

This is a healing love. And this Love can transform people.

Because adults usually know when they’re doing something wrong. When they meet space, love and true understanding in these moments, they will naturally apologize and correct their wrong behaviour.

There is no need to punish each other again.

So, to love means to FORGIVE on time. And not to get stuck in the pain.

To love also means to have COMPASSION for the shortcomings of others.

Because not everyone is as developed as you are, for example. We can try to see the shortcomings of others in our eyes as love that hasn’t been yet developed. Then we can also try to leave those shortcomings by the other person and don’t take them personally.

If you can do this, then you will really feel FREE. And you will find PEACE in your heart.

Know that everything that triggers you or provokes you, tells more about you than it does about the other person.

Because  you can only recognize those things in others, which you already have in you.

Especially when you get triggered, try to ask yourself the question: “What would Love do now?” Then you’ll know imediatelly what do you need to do.

The LOVE in you will grow in this way. And you will grow as a person as well!

This is my message to you for the coming days, try to ask yourself in everything you do: “What should love do now?”

If you can do this, wow, then you’ll get aligned with the source of love within you. Which is always present in you.

And in my opinion the purpose of our life is to develop a positive, loving connection with ourselves, others and EVERYTHING that surrounds us.

How to love more | Natasha Martinoska

This is exactly what I do in my work as a coach with people. I help people to develop Love more. And my program Embrace your heart focuses on cleaning all the obstacles (which I call energy leaks) that block the love in your heart from flowing fully.

Here I mean the adult love. An adult love you can feel when you integrate your inner child into your adulthood, so that the child and the adult in you becone in harmony with each other. And from that place you can take control of your life.

So, if you need help to grow more love in your heart and in your life, so that you can  shine from inside out, then I invite you to book a free initial consultation with me. 

Because Love is healing. Love is for FREE. Love is GIVING. And Love finds WAYS… Always! 

Much love,

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