To hurry up is to slow yourself down in achieving your goal!

Many people are in a hurry. Hurry, hurry! For some it is a way of life.

Nowadays everything takes time and people have little or no time.

Are you also someone who is always in a hurry?

I was certainly such a person. Namely, when I came to live in the Netherlands, I had to rebuild everything.

I had to learn the Dutch language, learn the culture, build a new network, redo my driver’s license and I wanted to work. And I wanted to do everything at once.

I was in a constant rush and ran behind my breath.

You can imagine that I came from Macedonia, where I worked as a regional manager for a bank and had already built something up. When I came here I noticed that almost everyone speaks English, but in my work as a coach I thought it was important that I learn the Dutch language in order to understand people well.

I felt like I was constantly lagging behind and I felt like I had to do so much to function normally and independently. So I was in a hurry.

But what does it mean to be in a hurry?

To hurry up comes from fear that you are not ready with something or you will not arrive somewhere on time.

To hurry up comes from perfectionism, that you have to be perfect and know everything at once.

And when the hurry up becomes too much, you will certainly run behind your breath and maybe sometimes even get panic attacks.

From my own experience and knowledge which I’ve learned as a coach, I understood that hurrying up slows you down on the way to your goals! 

Namely, If you hurry you don’t give yourself the time and the space you need to do the things in a calm and peaceful way, or you don’t give yourself the time you need to learn new things and to develop.

Is that loving attitude to yourself?

And more:

-To hurry up breaks you down. People, who are doing the things in a hurry, use a lot more energy to do something or to achieve something.  When we are hurrying up, we have  less space, less overview and less alertness in our actions.

-Decisions, which made in a hurry, often turn to be wrong.

-To hurry up slows you on your way to your goal. If you want too much on one side, you will soon become unwilling on the other side. So, the protest in you will also come out. So the haste slows you down!

-To hurry up is not trusting life that life will give you on time what you need. So haste comes from thinking in lack, in too short and not in abundance.

This means also that you are being very hard on yourself and you are damaging your wellbeing!

And this is not what you want.

So, how to handle this?

Find your rhythm (according to your heart beat) and try to follow it. Some are faster, others slower; you may not let be rushed by others!

-Also plan restperiods when you are working somewhere or when you are planning work that needs to be done. Previously, my weekends were full of work, but now I also build rest moments into my schedule.

-Take the time you need to overthink and reflect about things you don’t know. You don’t need to know everything and have all the answers. “I don’t know,  I’ll  have to think about it and come back later with an answer” is also a good answer.

-Take the time you need to learn new things and to develop yourself. 

-Try to find the confidence that life will give you on time what  you need, Trust is the balance!

As a result life coach I help people to build up their life in a positive way and not to break it down. 

Therefore I hope that these tips can help you to handle haste and improve your wellbeing. I would love to hear from you if you find them useful.

If you want to know more about how to use your energy optimally towards your goals while you create your most beautiful life and enjoy happy relationships, I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me in which we can discuss how we can work together. 

I have built a whole course on energy leaks since I love helping people to optimally use their energy to create their most beautiful life and enjoy happy relationships.

My clients are loving it, because they grow exponentially in their personal power while they are creating their life according to their own values and norms. And this gives them a tremendous sense of Freedom and a deep feeling of Joy and Fulfilment.

Let’s talk!

Warm greetings and much love!

Much love!

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