Today I want to invite you to reflect on the following question:

Do you know your personal power?

Why is this important?

In my work as a coach I, follow different courses about personal development, online marketing, and which elements make someone successful.

I noticed that many business coaches, marketing, and online gurus shout that they have discovered the formula for how to earn a lot of money and that they can teach others to do this too.

I am also learning how to use online marketing for my business, how can I use webinars and social media and I am also working on my online academies.

And I see a lot of people who follow different courses about this topic, eventually get disappointed because they are not able to achieve what they were promised.

So I´m busy for a while to investigate what makes someone successful. For a long time, I thought that this was knowledge!

Namely, knowledge is strength and illuminates the life of man.

I’m a person who wants to learn and the more I develop in this process, I see also how my shortcomings change, I get more insights, space, and tools.

As a result, I experienced how my private and professional life and my relationships improved in a very positive way. I experience the same in my work as a coach with people, my clients grow and become happier!

I truly believe that ignorance or unknowing is the greatest evil in the world, because people who don’t have the knowledge and the insights, get stuck in negativity; become depressed, disappointed or bitter and lose hope for something better in their lives.

As a result, they also run the risk of losing relationships or work and of getting into a negative spiral, as a result of which every chance for development can be lost.

When this happens, life loses color and people become apathetic, constantly facing their shortcomings.

As a result, their tests or challenges in life will only increase until they become awakened by a really big crisis and understand and learn their life lesson and do something about it!

But is knowledge now the biggest factor that makes someone successful?

My answer to this question is no!

I understood that the biggest factor that makes someone successful is personal power.

The personal power depends on the will of man to transform a certain idea into reality.

We are all born with a certain limited potential personal power. We are all equal but not the same.

Some people are born with a personal power that has the size of a thimble, others with the size of one cup, and others with the size of a liter, and other people are born with a personal power of a barrel and so on and so on!

So, not everyone can be a president!

All the different personal power levels are needed so that society can be organized in all kinds of professions and we can positively support each other by doing the things we are good at.

If everyone was the same, there would be no one to repair the roads, drive the buses or clean up the garbage on the street.

So, if we use this logic, not everyone can earn a lot of money!

This is why everyone must develop within the limits of his/her personal power. If you exceed this limit, for example, this can damage your own development and your well-being as well as your relationships and humanity as a whole.

That is why I ask you today the question do you know your personal power?

Try to investigate and meditate about this!

If you have any questions about this or need help, please contact my husband Ton Creemers, who is brilliant at reflecting people in their character and can discover your talents and other personal traits within 2 minutes.

He needs up to 2 hours to explain this to you and what you can do about it! Not only he is my husband and he is very talented, but I see how people change, feel finally recognized and understood and get inspiration and motivation to reach something more in their lives!

With love and appreciation!


 Ton Creemers:

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