In recent years, the theme of personal development and coaching has become very popular. Many people talk about getting the best out of yourself and creating your best life, just like me.

But why investing in your personal development is so important?

There are several reasons for this which are crucial for your health, well-being,  happiness and prosperity.

One reason is that as people grow and make progress, they experience satisfaction, fulfilment and happiness.

Because new insights help to broaden our world view  and make more things possible for us. As a result, people grow in their personal power.

Another reason is that the more you get to know and understands yourself, the more you get to know and understand others as well.

Getting to know yourself and your character, is your right and your duty. Because then you can manage yourself much better towards what truly makes you happy and you can make conscious choices based on knowledge, instead of reacting unconsciously being only driven by instinct or emotions.

The animals in nature react purely based on instinct and emotion, but we humans have been given the gift of reason.

We need to learn to use our mind well and in harmony with our heart, so that we can make decisions which are good for us, for our environment and the world.

Decisions that help to  build up our lives in a positive way and which are not destructive.

In order to make good decisions we need to develop the quality of purity. For purity helps us to differentiate what is good for us and what is not good for us.

Many people make decisions without thinking thoroughly and oftentimes afterwards they realize whether something was good or not. But this has a price. Namely bad decisions can cost a lot of time, energy, money, lost opportunities and lost relationships.

Another reason why investing in personal development is important (and this is one of the most important in my opinion), is that if people don’t develop their talents and qualities which they potentially have inside, if they can not manifest these qualities in the form that suits them, they will develop ailments and disorders on the long run. 

Because then this unused energy which can not manifest itself in a positive way, will implode inside. Then people gradually become dried out from inside, they start to feel tired, they develop frustrations, restlessness, dissatisfaction, depression, and various kinds of inner conflicts, ailments and problems.

This is a spiritual law.

People sometimes think that investing in personal development is very expensive.

But what is really expensive? How much is your life worth to you and the time you have to spend on this earth? How much is your health and well-being worth to you?

Know that the investment which you make in your personal development will pay for itself many times back.

I understood that development has two sides:

-a spiritual side, and

-a material side.

If you only stick to the material side and don’t invest in your spiritual side, in the long run your material side will also decline. For the bird with one wing cannot fly.

If you invest in developing of your spiritual side, your material side will also develop. For your spiritual wealth will reflect in your material life.

Therefore  I encourage you not to compromise with the quality of your life that you can experience in this life and the aliveness, happiness, fulfilment, health, well-being and prosperity that you can enjoy due to this during your lifetime.

If you are interested to explore what spiritual development can mean for you and what kind of results you can achieve if you invest in your personal growth, feel free to contact me. In a free initial consultation, I will be happy to answer all your questions.

Much love,

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