Today I would like to invite you to do a short visualization exercise together with me that can help you gain deeper insights into how you live your life and how you connect with others.

For this purpose, I invite you to find a quiet place in your room and lie down on the couch or if you sit on a chair try to find a comfortable chair where you can relax.

Once you have done that, try to close your eyes and take a deep breath. As you exhale try to release any tension in your body.

Do this a few times. Take a deep breath and as you exhale try to release tension so that you feel calm inside.

Once you have done that, try to go back to situations, experiences and people in your life when you felt very small and unworthy.

Think about situations when you felt that you were not seen, not understood, not heard, when you felt very unsafe and unwelcome.

Try to become aware of how your body reacts in these situations when you feel very unworthy, when you are not taken seriously, and when you feel denied or rejected.

So try to notice what is going on in your body… For example, do you feel tension in your head or behind your eyes? Maybe you experience cramping in your shoulders or breasts…

Or perhaps you experience restlessness in your stomach or in your belly… Or you may experience tightening in your back or freezing in your legs.

Maybe you experience something in your pelvis or your feet.

Everything is possible because everyone is unique and everyone experiences things differently.

So try not to judge what you experience. Just try to become aware of it.

And also try to understand exactly what you feel. Is that cramping, tightening, is that freezing, fear, or tension?

When you are ready, I invite you to open your eyes and write down what you experienced and where in your body you felt it.

Take a few minutes to do this.

When you are ready, I invite you to lie back on the couch and close your eyes again.

Take a deep breath and as you exhale try to release all your tension. Repeat this a few times until you feel peaceful again.

Once you have done this, I invite you to go back to situations, experiences and people in your life when you felt very beautiful and completely confident.

Think of situations when you felt seen, heard, understood, when you were welcome, and when you felt very safe and fully embraced.

Observe how your body reacts to these situations when you experience your true strength, your true power, your flow, and joy!

Try to become aware of what exactly you experience and where. You may feel, for example, more space in your head or more flow in your throat.

You may experience how your shoulders rise or how you step more forward. Or you may experience more freedom in your stomach or belly. Maybe you experience more flow in your back…

Perhaps you experience more firmness in your feet as you feel very grounded and connected.

So see what exactly that is for you. And when you get that far, open your eyes and write down what you felt and where.

Take a few minutes to do this.

When you are done, notice how big is the difference between living in your weakness, in your smallness, and living in your greatness, in your strength.

Try to become aware of where you live in your daily life.

Where do you spend most of your time, in weakness and contraction or openness and flow?

Try to imagine what your life would look like if you connect with people from strength, from joy, from your power.
How will others respond to you then?

Know that we experience our true essence when we feel our strengths and not our weaknesses. That is how our true essence feels like. 

Try to remember this.

Thank you for participating in this exercise. I am curious about your insights and whether anything has changed for you. I invite you to share your insights with me. 

With love and appreciation,

P.S. If you have a desire to connect more to your true essence and expand your personal power so you can achieve professional success, enjoy happy relationships, increase the quality of your life, and improve your overall well-being, let's talk.
You can book a free get-acquainted call with me via the link below.

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