Your Life as a Mirror: Self-Care on All Fronts | Natasha Martinoska | Resultaat Life Coach | Robbins-Madanes trained coach

How do you take care of yourself? What is your way of self-care, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, socially, relationally…?

The best way to discover this is by looking around you.

Look at your environment, at home, at work.

Everything around you now is a reflection of your standards about yourself.

For instance, is your home clean or messy? Is it a serene, beautiful place for you, or does it disturb you?

Each object surrounding you mirrors the standards you hold about yourself!

Next, take a look at your body.

Are you physically fit or not? Are you in your best shape?

If yes: congratulations, wonderful! If not: what is holding you back from achieving that desired state?

Truly try to grasp the real reasons!

Then, I invite you to examine the food you consume throughout the day.

Is it healthy and clean? Or do too many ingredients drain your energy and harm your long-term health?

Now, consider your daily rhythm.

Are you satisfied with how you navigate through your day currently, or is there something you’d like to change?

For instance, do you get enough quality sleep and feel adequately recharged afterward? Some people remain tired even after long hours of sleep. So, how do you feel about your energy levels now?

Consider your clothing.

Are your clothes still beautiful and comfortable for you? Do you still enjoy their colors and materials, or is there something you’d like to change?

Namely, as you evolve and refine your taste, it might be wise to declutter and refresh your wardrobe.

Let’s look at the relationship with your partner (if you have one).

Would you choose them again today? Do you still love their soul? Do you maintain the passion and intimacy that you need at your current stage?

Let’s also consider your relationship with your children (if you’re a parent).

Do you share constructive, close, and content relationships with them, or is there something troubling you, causing additional worries?

Now, think about your parents (if you’re fortunate enough to have them in your life).

How’s your relationship with them? Is there anything you’d like to change or improve?

Next, look at your job/business.

Are you still finding the satisfaction you seek? Are you still learning, growing, and thriving, or are you stagnating?

Review your finances as well.

Are they at a level where you feel they meet your needs, or do you have to be more thrifty?

Then, consider your social circle.

Do you cultivate fulfilling friendships with people who uplift you and contribute to your personal growth?

All these aspects hold valuable insights about you.

Because this is the world you’ve created for yourself, based on the decisions you’ve made in the past.

Is this still a world that brings you happiness and fulfillment, or is there something you’d like to change? If you’re not entirely happy or content, the good news is that you can make changes.

Your past doesn’t have to dictate your future. You can change your future by making new decisions.

I mean making choices that aim at your long-term well-being, not decisions that offer short-term gains but cause long-term pain.

Because the qualities of your decisions determine the quality of your life.

So, what is the one small next step that is most important for you today?

If you need assistance clarifying your next steps and reaching your next level, I’m here to help.
Not only to make the right decisions but also to assist in implementing them and cultivating habits and rituals that ensure consistent progress.

Ultimately, you are the CREATOR of your life, not a victim of circumstances.

Through this link, you can book a free initial consultation with me.

With love and appreciation,

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