Greetings from Macedonia (Time for self-reflection) | Natasha Martinoska

As the warm embrace of summer envelops us, I find myself in the midst of my favorite time of the year. Here in Ohrid, Macedonia, I’m relishing every moment as I reconnect with my Macedonian roots, blend work with cherished family time, and immerse myself in the beauty that surrounds me.

The enchanting Lake Ohrid, cradled by majestic mountains and vibrant nature, is my true haven. Basking in the sun’s gentle caress, dipping into the tranquil waters, and scaling the familiar mountain trails that once echoed with the laughter of my childhood brings a flood of memories and emotions. Each step I take up that mountain, for just an hour each day, feels like a magical journey through time.

Nature’s embrace – the sun, the water, the mountains – has a profound effect on my inner peace. It’s like a harmonious symphony that resonates within, aligning the pieces of the puzzle in my life.

Being back here, amidst the echoes of my past and the hues of my present, I’ve forged a deeper connection between the Natasha of old and the Natasha I’ve become. Growing up in a collectivistic culture, steeped in family gatherings and traditions, and then evolving into the Natasha who carved her individuality in the Netherlands, has been a journey of self-discovery. A journey that now empowers me to inspire others to embrace change and reach for their highest potential.

In this beautiful space, I’ve realized I am an innovator.

Witnessing the transformation that my personal growth sparked within my parents, leading them to adopt a healthier lifestyle and eliminate 70% of their health issues, fills my heart with gratitude. Their openness to change and willingness to embrace new knowledge is a testament to the power of transformation.

I’ve also come to see myself as a catalyst and purifier, gently stripping away layers of ingrained patterns, limiting beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve a purpose.

Stepping out of cultural norms and expectations, shedding old skin to make way for new growth, has been a challenging yet liberating process.

This journey has granted me the invaluable gift of freedom. Freedom on spiritual, material, and emotional levels. This process has deepened my connection with my beloved husband, and instilled in me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and fulfillment as I guide others towards their true destinies.

In this oasis of peace and serenity, the puzzle pieces have fallen into place.

And this leads me to an important realization – the significance of creating peace and taking time to reflect on our lives.

Peace is the key that unlocks the doors to self-connection.

Peace is the balm that soothes the soul and allows us to process life’s twists and turns.

When peace resides within, life’s puzzles find their solutions.

Amidst tranquility, we release what no longer belongs, making space for the new and wondrous to emerge.

Then new ideas arise about the next steps we want to take and what’s possible for us.

So, dear friends, my call to action is simple yet profound: Create moments of peace in your life. Carve out time for introspection and self-discovery. Embrace tranquility and allow it to unveil your essence.

This is how you make room for the new that likes to be born. It’s a chance to rediscover who you are, who you wish to be, and the remarkable journey that bridges the two.

If you’re seeking guidance along this path, I’m here to walk alongside you. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation together.

Reach out for a free initial consultation through this link. Let’s nurture the seeds of change and watch them bloom into a life that radiates with love, fulfillment, and boundless possibilities.

With boundless love and appreciation,


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