Today I want to talk to you about the spiritual laws of the Universe. I’m very passionate about this subject because I’ve experienced that the only way to build something sustainable in life is by respecting and implementing these laws.

This could be your relationship, your family, your business, your job or your health.

Everything you build, that is not based on the spiritual laws of the Universe is going to fall apart sooner or later.

This is what I have witnessed in my life and the life of my clients.

You see, just as everything in nature is governed by physical laws, our lives are governed by spiritual laws.

For example, the planets orbit around the sun and themselves according to a concretely defined order that can be expressed in formulas. The atoms are made of electrons that orbit around the nucleus also according to concrete defined rules.

As long as there is order in our human body, the cells are healthy. The moment when the order and unity are disturbed, the cells get damaged and disease arises. 

Any serious disease damages the cells and then chaos ensues in the structure of the cell.

So, in any system, where order is lacking, chaos ensues! This is both a physical and a spiritual law.

Today I want to share with you a few spiritual laws.

For example, one spiritual but also physical law is the law of action and reaction. For every action, there is a reaction. If you don’t take action, this is also an action.

This means that if you do good deeds and send positive energy into the Universe, sooner or later you will get it back. Of course from different people and in different ways.

If you send negative energy and do bad deeds, you will get this back as well. Not from the same people or in the same way. But you’ll always get this back through other people at the most unexpected times.

What you do to others, you do to yourself! This is a spiritual law.

Another spiritual law, for example, is that we people are born with talents and qualities that we need to develop by putting them in service of our fellow man. This requires effort. 

If we choose the right profession and the right partner, our life will be joyful and time will fly by.

At a higher level, we need to work together with other people who have different talents, so that society can be organized and we can build a positive human civilization.

But if we don’t make the right choices, for example in terms of partner or profession, or if we don’t make the right efforts, then as a result, the strong qualities in us cannot develop or they will not fully develop their potential. 

As a result, people develop frustration, anxiety, dissatisfaction, impatience, heartaches, headaches and other ailments in the long run.

Therefore we need to have the right environment and the right input in terms of love, understanding, support, encouragement, trust, the right access to knowledge, that we can grow and flourish This is also a spiritual law.

You see, if we don’t develop our good qualities, our weaknesses will get stronger.

Then you will hold back and your energy cannot flow outwards. This can make you quite tired. And if these frustrations become really big, you can develop serious illnesses in the long term.

Then others will have to take extra care of you because you have not taken good care of yourself.

Then you become, as it were, a burden to the other.

That is why I emphasize every time how important it is to develop spiritually. If we do not do this, our life will deteriorate.

And this is not what you want!

But since you are here, you are someone who wants to grow and move forward. And not backward. That is why you are reading this blog now!

If you want to move forward faster, I would like to help you to increase your personal power so that you can achieve your goals and live your mission with confidence and joy!

Life is complex and continues to challenge us to grow, learn and develop to an increasingly higher level. And we cannot objectively look at our own subjectivity.

My experience shows that personal guidance during coaching in combination with understanding the spiritual laws brings super fast results for my clients. 

If you want to investigate more about how we can work together, I invite you for a free initial consultation in which we can discuss how we can work together.

Let’s talk.

With love,

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