Today I want to talk to you about why people suffer. And how you can change suffering.

So, if you struggle with something in your life, Perhaps this video can help you.

You see, suffering happens when people resist life, when life circumstances go totally in a different way than what we’ve expected, and we have the idea that we have zero control to change things.

If we don’t accept our life circumstances and if we protest (consciously or unconsciously), this will cause us pain. By the way, protest is often our first human reaction when we are faced with difficulties or when we are forced to change.

Because most of the people feel very uncomfortable with change.

This is very natural since the greatest tendency in our human nature is to stay safe and therefore to stay loyal to our old identity.

That is why when we face change, our old identity often goes in protest. Therefore many people protest when they refuse to accept the new life circumstances.

I have protested many times for far too long before I really took my place and responsibility over what happens in my life.

When I became aware that this kind of protest is slowing me down and is hurting my well-being, I decided not to protest anymore.

But to say YES to all what shows up for me, to take my place and do the work that is necessary.

A very simple example of protesting from my own life is when I needed to do my Dutch driving licence. Since I originally come from a country which is outside the European Union, I had to do the driving exam again in The Netherlands when I moved here.

At that time, I felt this as being very injustice. I protested for 3 months before I really decided to do the work.

So, this protest slowed me down in reaching my goal.

When I decided that I will do the work, within 3 months I got my driving licence.

I have protested also for other things in my life. For example, when I started my own business, I had to learn to build my website, to do my administration, my finances, to implement the online marketing and many other things next to serving my clients.

Serving my clients is a great joy for me, but all the rest around building my business was new form me. There was so much to learn in the beginning that I felt very overwhelmed.

My protest got the form of procrastination.

Because feeling overwhelmed causes inactivity.

Now I know this. But then I was unaware. So, procrastination is a huge energy leak.

Know that protest has many forms. Some people get angry, they explode outside or  they explode inside, other will cry or complain, or procrastinate or deny, or escape in behaviours which give short-term pleasure…!

Instead of looking at all the things which I needed to do as a huge mountain in front of me, I decided to take my place and put myself on the top of that mountain. So, I took ownership of my mountain and my life.

At this stage I say YES to everything what life brings my way. I do not react emotionally anymore. When we react with emotions that is a child reaction.

I have learned namely that life is happening for me not to me as Tony Robbins says.

And I also wish you to take your place and achieve more with less effort as well.

You see, suffering and protest can cost us a lot of energy which we can use to build up on our life instead of breaking it down. These are energy leaks which are stopping us from moving forward.

I have built a whole course on energy leaks since I love helping people to optimally use their energy to create their most beautiful life and enjoy happy relationships.

My clients are loving it, because they grow exponentially in their personal power while they are creating their life according to their own values and norms. And this gives them a tremendous sense of Freedom and a deep feeling of Joy and Fulfilment.

Would you like to know more?

Then I invite you to reach out to me. In a free initial consultation, you can discover how we can work together.

Let’s talk!

Warm greetings and much love!

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