Today I want to put you the question: What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for?

You see, many people very unconsciously put themselves in the spiritual waiting room of life. And they see life as it were through the window.

They wait and wait before they can make important choices. And they have various logical reasons for not taking action. Such as:

1. If I have a better job, then I can have that and that, for example.

2. When my children grow up, I will take better care of myself.

3. When I earn more money, I can start a healthier lifestyle.

4. Only if my husband would support me better, then I could start my own business.

5. If my wife agrees, only then I can start enjoying my hobbies such as boating or rowing.

6. I must learn a lot before I dare to step forward.

We can have countless reasons for not having to start anything. And not to feel capable or worthy. We can have countless reasons for not permitting ourselves to act.

And time just passes by and nothing changes.

People hold on to what is known to them and don’t dare to let go of structures, which might not even be good for them, because their fear of the unknown is simply too big.

People who keep waiting for something to happen or for someone else to reach out to them are living in a reactive state.

These people have a wait-and-see attitude. And in their life, there is always a shortage of something.ย 

Someone else has to reach out to them before they can start to take action. So they need energy from outside to get moving.ย 

I saw this happening very clearly in my college days.ย For example, I had a friend who when she was alone couldn’t do anything, but when we studied for exams together, she got great results. Then I was wondering how is this possible.

Then I realized how important it is to give trust to people and to encourage them before they dare to take steps forward.

What is your case?

Do you have to give yourself permission to consider yourself worthy of doing something meaningful to you? Do you need someone who can give you confidence or confirmation before you can trust yourself?

If you recognize this, know that this is very human.

And I had this behavior as well. As a child, I didn’t dare to do anything until my parents permitted it. And later I also projected this attitude into my relationship with my husband, because he has some aspects of my father.

When I became aware of this behavior, I became very angry with myself and I decided to start living in a proactive state instead of always waiting and living in a reactive state.

Because this attitude was costing us both a lot of energy (so this was my energy leak)!

When I changed this, step by step I came into my power.

Know that when you become aware that you can create yourself and your life to a great extent, then new powers will be released within you and the resistance disappears.

Then you can do nothing else but go with the flow of life, and create and manifest things that were not possible before. Your creativity and your intuition will get stronger.

By now I have understood that if you want to succeed in something, you must be able to give yourself completely, fully open your heart and make all the efforts that are necessary without any hesitation.

No one is coming to save you!

Playing small doesn’t work. You have to play bigger if you want to succeed. Bigger than what you sometimes feel about yourself. Then your energy will flow!

Therefore I want to invite you to take a proactive attitude toward consciously creating your life and take yourself, your wishes, and your dreams seriously.

If you have not yet found your way, if you feel lost on side roads instead of walking on your main road in life, or if you wait too long before making important decisions, then I can help you to manifest yourself.

You will clear all the obstacles that often subconsciously keep you small so that you can flow in your self-expression and make a real impact in your life.

In a free initial consultation, you can investigate whether we are a good match.

Sending you lots of love!

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