Why do people suffer? And how you can change suffering? | Natasha Martinoska | Resultaat Life Coach | Robbins-Madanes trained coach,

Do you sometimes feel that life is very tough on you?

And that you struggle and work so hard, trying to find a way out, but regardless of your efforts and your creativity in finding solutions, things just don’t work out? As a result, you become helpless and empty….and eventually, you suffer inside.

Today I want to share with you why people suffer. And how you can change suffering.

So if you struggle with something in your life, this post may help you.

You see, suffering happens when we resist life, when life circumstances turn out completely different from what we expected and we feel we have no control to change things.

If we can not accept our living conditions and if we protest (consciously or unconsciously), this will hurt us. By the way, protest is often our first human reaction when faced with difficulties or when we are forced to change.

Because most people are very uncomfortable with change.

This is quite natural since the greatest tendency in our human nature is to keep ourselves safe and therefore to remain true to our old identities.

That is why many people protest when they refuse to accept the new living conditions.

I also protested for far too long before I really took my place and responsibility for what is happening in my life.

A very simple example of protesting from my own life is when I had to get my Dutch driver’s license. As I originally come from a country outside the EU (North Macedonia), I had to take the driving test again when I moved here.

I thought that was very unfair at the time. I protested for 3 months before I actually decided to do the job. So this protest slowed me down from reaching my goal. When I decided that I would do the job, I got my driver’s license in 3 months.

I have also protested for other things in my life. For example, when I started my own business, I had to learn how to build my website, do my administration, do my finances, implement online marketing and many other things besides serving my customers.

Serving my customers always gives me the greatest joy, but the other parts of building my business were completely new to me. In the beginning, there was so much to learn that I felt very overwhelmed.

So my protest took the form of procrastination.

Because feeling overwhelmed causes inactivity.

Now I know this. But then I had no idea what was blocking me.

Know that protest takes many forms.

Some people get angry, they explode outside or inside, others will cry or complain, postpone or deny things, or flee into activities that bring short-term pleasure,…!

Suffering and protesting cost us a lot of energy that we can use to build up our lives instead of tearing them down. These are energy leaks that keep us from moving forward

And these energy leaks happen because of one reason. And that reason is unknowing or ignorance!

Because nobody taught you how to deal with difficulties.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can seize the opportunity to learn more about how life works. You can choose to understand the spiritual and psychological laws and principles that guide your life so that you can make conscious decisions that help you stay on the positive side of life under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES.

This is how you grow exponentially in your self-esteem and also in your personal power!

Can you imagine, what would become possible for you then? What would change for you if you know how to ride on the top of life’s waves and develop the ability to use your life’s circumstances to your advantage in a way that strengthens your self-esteem? This is real mastery!

And you can learn this! Everyone can learn this because everyone was born to be happy and not suffer!

Do you want to know more?

Please feel free to contact me. In a free initial consultation, you can explore how we can work together so that you can create your life from a place of Joy, Freedom and Independence, enjoy happy relationships and promote your well-being

Let’s meet!

With love and appreciation!

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