Work harder? Or SLOW DOWN? What's your choice?  | Natasha Martinoska | Resultaat Life Coach | Well-being coach | Robbins-Madanes trained coach, Robbins-Madanes trained coach

The rush is in the air.

We are in the busiest time of the year, when everyone is busy completing all current projects and jobs, getting things done, getting results and preparing for the upcoming holiday season. The end of the year is so close and this time is usually evaluation time for many people.

Then we look at what we have and haven’t achieved and how we can eventually do things differently.

And sometimes people just want to do too much in such a short time that they tend to overestimate what is realistic to get done.

I also want to finish my projects and fulfill my planning before the end of this year. For example, I am in the process of translating my online course into English because there are English-speaking people who are interested in my course.

In addition, I am working on getting good at public speaking so that I can convey my message well to people who are destined to work with me for the highest good of all <img draggable=.

For this purpose, I recently started organizing webinars and next year I also want to start organizing workshops. So, I hired someone who is helping me to develop my presenting skills. 

Yesterday I looked at my schedule and thought, “I need to step up the pace to get things done until the end of this year.”

But just this thought put me in the mood of MUST, so I immediately felt that I was under pressure and started to cramp up inside.

Then I thought, wait a minute, haven’t you learned the lesson yourself?

Because I teach my clients that acting out of “I MUST” takes a lot of energy and exhausts people in the longer term.

We need to do things because we truly want to get them done, out of our free will!  “I WANT” gives us energy!

If we do things because we truly want, that strengthens our will and also our love side.

This realization helped me to relax. Oh, yes, of course, I may now apply this lesson to myself as well.

I discussed this with my husband. And he said, “Yes you shouldn’t work extra, you should slow things down <img draggable=.”

“Slow down, what do you mean?” I didn’t understand this at first.

 “Slowing down means doing things easily, building in extra breaks in the agenda, taking extra rest, doing extra fun things, and really engaging in things that bring joy.”

This was a great eye-opener for me. Because I can also be very subjective about myself. And I’m so glad I was able to make this shift.

How is this with you?

Do you do things from “I MUST”, do you put yourself under pressure?

Or do you do things from “I WANT”, and do you feel the energy flowing and the joy because of that?

Are you speeding up or slowing down? Food for thought?

Would you like to explore further how to optimally use your energy to achieve your goals? If yes, let’s talk. I would like to support you in this process so that you can achieve your goals with joy and ease. You can book your appointment in my online agenda via this link.

Warm regards and good luck with everything you want to achieve until the end of this year.

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